Development is our priority

"Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, Bulgaria became a partner of Free Academy of Tbilisi ✍


"Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, Bulgaria cooperates with up to 40 countries of Europe, Asia and America around 20 (twenty) international programs✍


Within the framework of the new partnership, "Free Academy of Tbilisi " and the academic staff of "Rus" University in Bulgaria and selected students will implement a joint research project👇


Development is our priority💪


The purpose of the research 👇

The purpose of the research topic is to carry out an in-depth analysis and investigation of this most important issue, at what time, to what extent, with what tools should the limitation of property rights be allowed so that the right of the owner guaranteed by the constitution is not neglected. Attitude and strategy in the partner state around the topic.


Actuality of the topic 👇

Limitation and moderation of property rights.

Whether or not the state has a proper legal basis for interfering with property rights;

whether or not the restriction of property rights serves a legitimate purpose;

Is it a necessary, proportionate or proportionate measure to achieve the goal?


✔️The parties agree that, depending on the relevance of the research topic, if necessary, in case of need for data exchange, both partner universities express their readiness to conduct field work of research activities and host the working group of the other side.


All financial expenses within the framework of the research project will be paid from the budget of the partner universities as agreed.


The final goal of the research project: 👇


The final result of the research project, which will be processed scientifically and will have a perfect form of the paper, will be useful not only for students, but also for lecturers, scientists and practicing lawyers in the field✔️


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