In order to become a student of Tbilisi Free Academy, the following documents are required:


✔️ copy of ID card;


✔️ Secondary education certificate - (original,copy). If the certificate is not issued in Georgia, the certificate must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity;


✔️ 2 (two) photos (3x4) and an electronic version of the photo on a CD;


✔️ A copy of the document confirming being on military registration (for boyss).


Documents can be delivered:


Address.: Tbilisi, Saburtalo, Jurkha Nadiradze street N46; floor II, room 12.


Tel.: 0322 36 91 60;





Tuition fees can be paid at any branch of the bank (both in Tbilisi and in all cities and regions) as well as through fast payment machines to the following account numbers:


Business Administration undergraduate educational Programme: GE34BG0000000581117498

Business Administration english - language educational Programme: GE34BG0000000581117498

Law undergraduate educational Programme: GE73BG0000000582378669

Psychology undergraduate educational programme: GE81BG0000000581114615

Georgian language training programme: GE27BG0000000581114617

Teacher training educational programme: GE97BG0000000581114618



When paying the tuition fee, the person must indicate the student's name, surname and personal number in the destination field to identify the student.


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