1. Provision of the Academy

2. Provision of the Senate

3. Provision of the School of Business Administration and Social Sciences

4. Provision of the Law School 

5. Monitoring  of management effectiveness and evaluation system

6. Personnel management policy

7. Personnel management rules

8. Mechanism for protection of students' rights and legal interests

9. Provision of student self-government

10. Code of ethics and norms of disciplinary responsibility

11. The manner of performing an academic paper

12. Internationalization policy

13. Rule of credit recognition

14. Labor Market Research Standard

15. Methodology for conducting satisfaction research

16. Financial management and control standard

17. Methodology for planning Designing and Development of Educational Programmes

18. Provision of Undergraduate

19. Provision of Master

20. Affiliated Academic/Academic and Visiting Staff Hourly Work, Undergraduate Thesis Practice Supervisor Remuneration Pule

21. Learning Process Regulations Rule

22. Business continuity management mechanisms and action plan

23. Quality Management Policy

24. Methodology for determining the number of students and academic/guest staff

25. Strategic planning methodology

26. Mechanisms for evaluating learning outcomes of educational programs

27. Quality management mechanisms and their evaluation system

28. E-Learning administration rule

29. E-learning quality management mechanism

30. The Rule for Reviewing, Approving and Participating in Targeted Scientific-Research Projects

31. Institutional Benchmarking 






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