The mission of "Free Academy of Tbilisi" is to promote learning and teaching, continuous education, personal, professional and harmonious development of the individual. The Academy is focused on preparing socially responsible highly qualified personnel in accordance with fundamental values and modern requirements for the labor market in the ever-changing digital age.




A real and effective vision of the institutional development and future challenges of the higher education institution is important for the strategic planning process. The vision of the higher education institution describes what it contributes to the development of society and what it wants to achieve and can achieve in the future. A successful strategic development plan in the long term must be based on institutional values and promote the principle of lifelong learning. A future vision based on institutional values creates a primacy of academic freedom, which ensures educational progress, promotes the attraction of highly qualified staff and the process of engaging in an innovative environment. Adhering to the principles of equal access and impartiality, the Academy is focused on one of the most important functions of education - the process of socialization. The main vision of the higher education institution is the development of a policy of continuous improvement of the quality of education and the wide use of modern management methods, taking into account the best national and international experience.




The values of the higher education institution ensure the integrity of the system, which creates the values of a unified educational space. Value is a combination of goals and means, where values are subject to change or reevaluation. The following core values are essential to ensure the sustainability of a higher education institution:


   🔷 Academic freedom;

   🔷 Equality;

   🔷 Justice;

   🔷 Impartiality;

   🔷 Honesty;

   🔷 Creativity;

   🔷 Socialization;

   🔷 Establishment and encouragement of ethical principles.


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