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Free Academy of Tbilisi has been in the educational space since 1996 and has a long history of existence and activities in the educational field. It is valid to note that the Academy is the successor of the University of International Relations and High School "Jorjia".


At the end of 2019 the Academy made rebranding. The characteristics, strategy and tactics of the academy have been completely changed and presented to the public with a different brand book. The Academy has an ultra-modern infrastructure, which is located in the center of the city, on Saburtalo, namely on Jurkha Nadiradze Street N46.


The entire university community is focused on planning and generating strategic goals and corresponding tasks of the Academy. The main value of the academy is the student's academic freedom. The Academy has the relevant potential and constantly maintains a culture of quality, creates a unique educational experience, implements educational programmess matching the labor and education market, constantly takes care of raising the qualification of the academic staff of the Academy, which is a guarantee of high qualification of students in the future. The ultimate goal of the Free Academy of Tbilisi is integration into the European space.


In the process of developing and implementing its strategic plan, the Academy identified and fully acknowledged its own role and uniqueness, which is why it implemented the educational programmes that contribute to the general education level, its development, as well as the popularization of the Georgian language and its spread among ethnic minorities. It is known that ethnic minorities make up a large part of the population of Georgia, and creating a full-fledged educational resource for them is one of the main priorities.


The academy implements social programs for students, which are facilitated by mutual cooperation memoranda, within the framework of which:


Internal grant - 50% is valid for internally displaced persons - displaced students from the occupied territories of Georgia;

Internal grant - 50% is valid for for military personnel and their family members;

Socially vulnerable students are supported from the budget of the institution.


Very important reality is that students of HEI with high academic performance are successfully employed in various leading positions in state and private structures, and it is an important statistic as well that 86% of Academy graduates are employed, and among them 57% are employed according to the field.


The academic personnel of the Free Academy of Tbilisi consists of leading specialists in the field, who create a modern learning environment by introducing innovative methods and ensure to prepare competitive, highly qualified and socially aware generations for the labor market in the ever-changing digital era.


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