I joined the educational field from 2019 and it was a very difficult and responsible decision for me. The position I hold today is the most important stage in my career as it is a great challenge to be the rector of an institution the rapid development of which and establishment of a prominent place in a competitive environment is my main priority.


A permanent ambition - why should a student choose Free Academy of Tbilisi - is my basic concern as a rector as the students are the future of the country, so they should have the opportunity to be competitive, to realize themselves, be employed, be "marketable", and their mental abilities should used both in the local and international market.


Thus, my team and I create a modern learning environment by introducing innovative methods and in the ever-changing digital era we ensure to prepare competitive, highly qualified and socially aware generations for the labor market. We have the potential and constantly maintain a culture of quality, create a unique educational experience, implement and create educational programmes matching the education market, we constantly take care of raising the qualification of our academic staff, which is a guarantee of high academic skills of students in the future.


Since 2019, we have turned many crises into opportunities, could manage challenges, achieved positioning in relation to our competitors, made our worthy contribution to achieve high intellectual activity and took effective steps towards our ultimate goal, which is called integration in the European space.


The primary goal of me and my team is to make the Free Academy of Tbilisi an outstanding higher education institution not only in Georgia but also in the international arena, to become worthy representative of the European community, and we will do everything for this goal.



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Rector of the Free Academy of Tbilisi

Doctor of Law


Salome Pirveli


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