Meeting of the Board of Rectors

👩‍🎓 Under the leadership of the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Georgia, Mr. Giorgi Amilakhvari, the rectors' council was held at Caucasus University, in which the rectors of authorized higher educational institutions in Georgia took part. Among them, the rector of the Free academy of Tbilisi, Mrs. Salome pirveli


🔷 Within the framework of the meeting, the participants discussed the challenges in the direction of higher education, ways to overcome them and discussed future plans for the further development of university spaces.


🔷The conversation touched on such important issues as: promoting Georgia's participation in international exhibitions, giving universities the right to make changes in the questionnaire, increasing the quota of Armenian-speaking and Azerbaijani-speaking students to be financed, developing three-year bachelor's programs and the activities of Horizon-Europe university grant offices; Various current topics raised by the rectors were also discussed.


🔷The council was conducted in discussion mode and the participants made joint decisions regarding a number of issues.


🔷Within the framework of the higher education reform, at the initiative of Giorgi Amilakhvari, a meeting with the rectors will be held in a permanent mode in all authorized public and private universities across Georgia, which will ensure the inclusiveness of the reform and the adoption of timely and effective decisions on ways to solve the problems at the level of higher education.


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