"Successful Academics"

Free Academy of Tbilisi - column "Successful Academics".


Nini Makharadze is a successful graduate of Free Academy of Tbilisi's Bachelor of Humanities program. Nino's initial steps in the music career and modeling agencies proved to be quite successful, however, he stopped the final choice to study foreign languages and as a result today holds the academic degree of Bachelor of Philology in English language and literature.


Currently, Nino is the director of a tourist agency and hosts many tourists in Georgia - introducing them to our culture and sights. As for his relationship with the Academy, it did not end only with his studentship, the cooperation between Nini and the Academy continues today, within the framework of which, Nini is one of the successful lecturers of the Academy and is involved in the free English language learning project offered by the Academy for entrants.


"Free Academy of Tbilisi became a springboard for me to continue my studies at the French-Georgian University, and today I am a Master's student at the University of Lyon" - Nini Makharadze.


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