"Successful Academics"

Free Academy of Tbilisi - column "Successful Academics".


Giorgi Iashvili is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities of TFree Academy of Tbilisi and currently heads the International Relations Service of Free Academy of Tbilisi.


Giorgi Iashvili studied at the Faculty of English Philology at Tbilisi Free Academy in 2016-2018. Currently, he is a master of the Faculty of Humanities of the Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The experience gained here helped me to continue my academic career abroad."


"During my studies, I was always happy to come to the academy and communicate with the academicians! I have always found a space saturated with high cultural and academic values, exemplary standards of communication and cooperation, and, what I think is most important, an approach tailored to the personal success of the student, focused and focused. I have always said and I will say it today - Tbilisi Free Academy is the most important ingredient in the recipe for personal success!" - says Giorgi Iashvili.


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