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    Admission Prerequisite

Prerequisite for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration educational program:


A person with a complete general or equivalent education, who has a relevant document certified by the state - a certificate, and who, based on the results of the unified national exams, has the right to study at the educational program.


It is allowed to study at the bachelor's educational program without passing the unified national exams:


 - for citizens of foreign countries and stateless persons who have received complete general or equivalent education in a foreign country;

 - For citizens of Georgia who received full general education or its equivalent in a foreign country and studied the last 2 (two) years of full general education in a foreign country;

 - For persons (except for students participating in a joint higher education program and students participating in an exchange education program) who have lived in a foreign country for the last 1 (one) year or more, are studying/studying and have received credits/qualifications in a foreign country at a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of this country in an educational institution.


The admission of students transferred from another higher educational institution/program to the bachelor's program is carried out in accordance with the rules established by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.



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