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    International Scientific Bases

Access to International E-databases:


Cambridge Journals Online -  The database includes 360 academic journals and more than 30,000 e-books in the following scientific fields: Economics, Mathematics, Politics, Astronomy, etc

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection – The database provides open access to books and journals published by Duke University Press. This publishing house publishes 120 new books and more than 50 electronic scientific journals in various scientific fields every year.

Edward Elgar Publishing Journals and Development Studies e-books –   The database includes scientific research, monographs, textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias and journals in economics, business, social sciences and law. Among the authors published by them are 14 Nobel Prize winners..

IMechE Journals – The database includes scientific journals in the social sciences and humanities inn the fields of health and biomedical, engineering and physics.

Royal Society Journals Collection – The database includes biology, physics and engineering-mathematical sciences, environmental and climate directions, etc

SAGE Journals – The database includes more than 900 journals in various scientific fields and more than 700,000 publications. Materials for our customers can be accessed from the resources published from 199 to the present day.

Openedition Journals -  The database combines 4 platforms that include electronic resources for the humanities and social sciences.

Edward Elgar Publishing Journals 

Mathematical Sciences Publishers Journals 


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